Our Mission & History

Expanding the Arts. Enhancing the Experience.

Thibodaux Playhouse, Inc. (TPI) was founded in 1960 as a non-profit community theatre dedicated to producing quality entertainment for the citizens of Thibodaux, Louisiana, and the surrounding areas. Over its 60-year history, Thibodaux Playhouse has produced hundreds of shows and performed at various venues. This all changed in 1992 when the Playhouse found their home in what is known today as Jean Lafitte National Historical Park & Preserve, a branch of the United States National Park Service.
More than twenty years later, Thibodaux Playhouse is still the primary resident of Jean Lafitte’s Wetlands Acadian Cultural Center Theatre. The bulk of the planning and rehearsals, however, take place off-site at Thibodaux Playhouse, Inc.’s Headquarters located at 902 Jackson St. (The Studio) in Thibodaux.
Thibodaux Playhouse produces four to five mainstage productions in its season, which extends from September to August. Additionally, the Playhouse hosts various workshops, productions, and classes through its outreach programs TPI Junior, TPI Teen, and TPI Field Trip.

Production Archive


Over its 60-year history, Thibodaux Playhouse, Inc. has produced over 250 shows.

A Place to Call Home

On July 11, 2013, Mayor Tommy Eschete proclaimed Thibodaux Playhouse, Inc. the Official Community Theatre of the City of Thibodaux.
Through the years, Thibodaux Playhouse has performed at various venues including Nicholls State University (1960-1967), the old Park Inn Restaurant (1967-1973), the old Dixie Movie Theatre (1973-1983), and finally, the Percy-Lobdell Building (1983-1992), which would go on to become part of the Martha Sowell Utley Memorial Community Center. Years later, this building would become Jean Lafitte National Historical Park & Preserve, a branch of the United States National Park Service and Thibodaux Playhouse’s current home. In September of 2020, the Playhouse said goodbye to it’s old rehearsal facility, 1120 Caroline St. (The Temple), and purchased a new one, 902 Jackson St. (The Studio), allowing them to stay in line with their vision of Expanding the Arts and Enhancing the Experience. 
However, this purchase won’t stop the Playhouse’s long-term vision. In March of 2014, TPI revealed plans for the construction of its very own theatre. Recognizing that the construction of a new state-of-the-art facility is a long-term project, the success of TPI’s vision depends on generous donations from community members, local businesses, corporate sponsorships, and grants awarded for the purpose of outfitting the new facility.

Board of Directors

Thibodaux Playhouse, Inc. is run by an annually elected Board of Directors. The Board oversees the management of all the organization’s affairs, beginning with a rigorous planning process formed at monthly meetings. Standing committees are also in place to plan and evaluate the organization’s efforts, needs, and programs.

From left to right (front row): Hannah Adams, Gregory Autin, Damon Stentz, Melinda Adams, Alissa Griffin, Tony Rouse, Daisy Cheramie, Nancy LaBauve; (back row): Kyle Davis, Jessica Vicknair, Erica Annis, Westley Annis, Sophie Benoit, Kristen Rodrigue, Mason Clark, Carlotta Toups, Dylan Stentz

Executive Board Members
President  Melinda Adams
Vice President  Damon Stentz
Corresponding/Social Secretary  Mason Clark
Recording Secretary  Alissa Griffin
Treasurer  Westley Annis

Executive Producer  Erica Annis

Board Members
Hannah Adams, Madison Anderson, Gregory Autin, Kirsten Bazet,
Brittany Bourque, Will Carothers, Daisy Cheramie, Kyle Davis,
Stephen Donovan, Whitney Hicks, Marie Horomanski, Nancy LaBauve, Leah LeBeouf, Matthew Pellegrin, Sheela Plater, Kristen Rodrigue,
Andrea Stentz, Carlotta Toups, Jessica Vicknair

Junior Board Members
Sophie Benoit
Addison Stentz
Dylan Stentz
Phoebe Volquardts

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