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Intermission is almost over.

2020. A year to never be forgotten. A year that has brought hardships to everyone. What feels like an eternity ago, the world shut down due to the uprising of the COVID-19 Pandemic. This affected artists and creatives across the world, and Thibodaux Playhouse was no exception. An industry that thrives on its livelihood could no longer be “live.” We had no choice but to “go dark” and take a brief intermission.
Fast forward nearly a year, and we are just beginning to “turn the lights on” again. As it turns out, our “brief” intermission wasn’t so brief (they never are). But the theatre is resilient. The theatre always has and always will endure. Our intermission is almost over, and we are ready to come back better than ever. On behalf of the entire Thibodaux Playhouse Family, we are absolutely elated to welcome you back.
Your continued support is sincerely appreciated.

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